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Elevate your investment journey with YTA system and Insightful reports: your 12-month path to informed investing

Welcome to our premier program, where you'll gain a rock-solid understanding of both fundamental and technical analysis.

Program Elements 

  • Explore the Life Cycle of an Index/Product/Stock

  • Dive into the various Stages of the Life Cycle

  • Develop skills in Identifying Critical Stages

  • Understand the significance of Volumes in Trading

  • Master the art of Candlestick Analysis

  • Discover strategic points for Trade Execution

  • Learn optimal Stop Loss Placement techniques

  • Grasp the concept of Pyramiding for enhanced gains

  • Gain insights into Reading Fundamental Data

  • Acquire the skill to Draw Ratio Charts

  • Learn how to Create an Index

  • Uncover effective methods for Sector Identification

  • Understand the nuances of Sector Ratio Analysis

  • Learn the art of Integration to streamline your approach

  • Harness the power of Scanners for market insights

  • Leverage the YTA System to your advantage

YTA System

Introducing the YTA System: A Tailored Solution for Informed Trading


After a decade of trading experience, we understand the all-too-common pitfalls traders face. FOMO-driven entries and premature exits, fueled by market noise from social media, friends, and unreliable sources, hinder potential gains. That's why we've developed the YTA System to empower traders with a robust framework.

Our system cuts through the noise, allowing you to enter trades confidently, set stop losses, and ride trends until our system indicates the optimal exit point. Say goodbye to fear-based exits and hello to maximizing gains while staying committed to the trade.


However, we acknowledge that unforeseen factors, such as sudden price drops due to manipulation or external factors, might impact even the best systems. While the YTA System is designed to be robust, it's important to note that in some cases, like extreme market events, internal news, or sharp price declines, its effectiveness may be affected.


Elevate your trading game with the YTA System – your reliable partner in achieving disciplined, informed, and successful trading outcomes.


At our core, we believe in investing in companies with robust fundamentals and business improvements. Understanding fundamental analysis can be challenging, especially for newcomers. To simplify, we employ specific criteria to filter stocks – not recommendations, but research-backed selections.


We gather data from various sources, compiling it into a user-friendly PDF report. Traders, using their experience, can draw conclusions. No buy/sell advice – instead, we help build watchlists and encourage independent study.

Ready to initiate your journey towards financial freedom through the realm of fundamental and technical trading?

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